XRAY XB8 2018 Offroad Buggy Kit

XRAY XB8 2018 Offroad Buggy Kit
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XRAY XB8 2018 High-End 1:8 Nitro Off-Road Buggy von XRAY als Bausatz Zur Komplettierung... mehr
Produktinformationen "XRAY XB8 2018 Offroad Buggy Kit"

XRAY XB8 2018

High-End 1:8 Nitro Off-Road Buggy von XRAY als Bausatz

Zur Komplettierung werden benötigt: Motor, Reso, RC-Elektronik, Räder, Lexanfarbe und Werkzeug

All-new 2018:

• All-new chassis with more space between front wheels and side guards, new positions for rear brace for improved chassis flex characteristics, and chamfered front edges for less dirt pick-up
• All-new chassis design is now fully compatible between XB8 & XB8E platforms
• All-new wing mount is 40% lighter with super-low CG. With considerably less weight behind the rear suspension this significantly improves handling characteristics. All-new construction allows more flex. Features new, optimized wing mounting positions
• All-new rear brace between wing mount and rear chassis brace prevents rear gearbox breakage during impacts, as well as moving the transfer of energy to a different part of the chassis
• All-new weight transfer from rear wing to the middle of the car reduces tension on the rear diff bulkhead
• All-new rear body holder
• All-new rear shock tower features two lines of shock absorber mounting positions and an updated design to allow fitment of the new wing mount and gearbox brace
• Harder rear lower arms for increased side stability and improved durability in hot conditions
• All-new stronger, reinforced steering ball joints for increased reliability
• All-new composite graphite shims between steering ball and nut ensures free operation of pivot balls even in extremely dusty conditions
• All-new improved diff O-rings for more precise differential sealing
• Softer shock membranes for improved shock performance in bumpy conditions
• Rear CVD drive shafts for increased rear traction
• 2.6mm rear sway bar for increased traction
• All-new stronger head screws for diff bulkheads for more reliability
• High-speed body for improved handling on high-speed tracks and improved rotation in tight corners

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